NPC Packs & Editor

NPCs are like dolls, it can take any shape, and you can and have them behave in any kind of way. 

By creating AI to have the doll act by themselves, and having many many different NPCs, you can create interesting emergent behavior and see your world come alive.

Living digital toys

Creating the next generation of intelligent toys by combining modern AI tools to create NPCs that come to life.

NPC Packs

An NPC Pack is a fully developed NPC custom made for your game or for your TikTok livestream. Choose from the existing packs just like selecting a toy in a toystore, or order a custom made living NPC pack.

NPC Editor for Unreal Engine

Become an AI Designer and use the NPC Editor to easily create NPCs for your game. Create emergent behaviors and living worlds with animals, humans, dragons or robots.

What makes our NPC Editor special is the user interface and the simplicity of the system. No need to learn about finite state machines, behavior trees or even GOAP, the NPC Editor combines these technologies with new AI research to make it simple to create any kind of NPC.

Stage: Fundrasing

We are currently looking for funding for this project and are happy to talk to anyone interested to collaborate.


The first proof of concept has been created for the Unity engine, and the second step is to design the UI to create a Plugin for Unreal Engine. This will be the NPC Editor. Once the editor is created, custom made NPCs are delivered for free to small studio customers, creating test cases and improving the editor experience from their feedback. The custom made NPCs for the studios will also be sold on the Unreal marketplace.

Once the NPC Editor is ready, it will be sold on Unreal marketplace and to studios for use.

Then, the NPC Editor will be used internally to create NPC Packs for those studios that just want NPCs.

Other opportunities will arise, such as creating NPCs for TikTok, creating collecting games where the player buys NPCs to create worlds and Pokémon similar gameplay.

Please contact us for more info!