Together with EOS and TERRA AB we are creating a climate-hope game to inspire and educate people around the world to see what kind world we can create.


An educational strategy game about climate change.

Based on real climate data, here to bring clarity to what we are going through on planet earth right now. To inspire the sharing of knowledge.

Will you grow economies and invent green technology?

Or will you encourage simpler lifestyles close to nature?

In Climatopia, you can explore different suggested solutions.

With Climatopia the player is inspired to understand the world and the opportunities for collaboration and creative thinking.

After playing the game, the player has clarity of the main problems and possible solutions regarding the climate and know how to collaborate , where to turn for solutions, and take any inspired responsibility in our real world.

Ages 12+

Initial vision:

Take a look at our presentation below

Climatopia Public Presentation (English) PUBLIC ON UNVOID WEBSITE